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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life is just not same without u, even with a new place to stay and a new dog, but deep down inside my heart u are always there.

With love
Danny Lim

-----WOOF-ing off. 6:48 AM

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I miss u!!!! And I mean it Regards Danny Lim

-----WOOF-ing off. 7:22 AM

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear all,

This will be my last post i had to leave you guys and the rest of my family Evon, Kino and Dan....
Dont be sad guys, i will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge....
To all friends and comrades please help me look after my family as i think they need all the support they can get....
I think Dan will be starting a new blog about Kino @ http://kinos-life.blogspot.com
I will always be there for you guys...

Lots of love and licks
Vodka Lim

-----WOOF-ing off. 9:53 AM

Monday, April 06, 2009

-----WOOF-ing off. 11:53 PM

Monday, February 23, 2009


Oh yeah, that's the spot

Hey, smelling good

Let me at it!
Yeah, got it!
Ah, help! It's gonna crush me!

Oh yeah, nothing like a good scratch after a workout

Westie parade

Pom parade

Schnauzer parade

Yo, what's up bro?

A little sibling rivalry?

Ok, I'll keep watch for u whilst u drink.

Ok, my turn now.

Our Husky bros

Chase him!!

My tongue's always the best indicator for wind direction

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Sunshine babe

Hahaha what's so funny?

What's up dawg?

*Sniff sniff*
Oh man, how long has it been since you bathed?!

Smile for the cam!

I love my MacBall!

Can I have a taste please?

Beat it, I got here first *pffft*

You taking a picture of me?

Who says only small dogs can fit on the bench?

Hey, why is it so dark??

Twins effect

Shag out....

Dancing queen

I'm surrounded by Collies.... love rivalry?!?

I want it i want it!


Hehe... I got it!!!

You smell me I smell you

Woah! We can do THAT!?!


You can run, but u can't hide....

Tongues out

Sniff sniff... you my bro??

Nothing like cool refreshing water

Sniff sniff... you my bro?

Huskies unite!!! Where am I??? Can you guess??

We're coming!!

Tired out man...

Get her off me!!!

I want it!! Give it!

Is that a camera? WOAH

Hey, where u going with my water bowl???


Let me play the recorder for you!

How about the flute?

Tug of war!

You're supposed to DROP it! LET GO!


Argh! Big mouth contest!

Ok, I lose...

Lookie, soccer ball...

Nah, tennis ball more fun.


I can touch my nose too!!



Yummy... water...

Ewwww! Dirty water!!!

-----WOOF-ing off. 4:14 PM

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